Meet Our Editors and Contributors

Better Retailing is dedicated to real advice for independent health food & lifestyle stores. A panel of expert contributors bring an abundance of talents to complement our core team of expert authors led by Better Retailing’s editor Alistair Forrest.

Alistair Forrest - Editor of Better Retailing

Alistair Forrest draws on years of experience as a journalist, editor and author, including 15 years in the natural health sector. Alistair previously edited Health Food Business magazine and is now a published author of historical fiction. His career has included daily newspaper journalism, editing magazines in the health, photographic and travel sectors, and for a decade he was principal of a Public Relations company.

Stuart Jackson - Business Editor of Better Retailing

Stuart will be remembered by many retailers from his many years writing popular articles and giving seminars on how to improve all aspects of retail business. Stuart is Managing Director of Force of Nature, a specialist consultancy which over the years has provided advice to many health food retailers in our industry. Stuart is also Chairman of Real Foods, Scotland’s largest health food retailer with over 8000 products in store and with a state of the art online business; he lives and breathes health food retailing.

Guest Writers Summer 2018:

Cheryl Thallon

Founder and MD of Viridian who is hoping the industry can work more closely with GPs and the NHS.

Prof. Sir Stephen O’Rahilly

Chair of the UK Nutrition Research Partnership who wants to strengthen the UK’s nutrition research.

Nick East

CEO of Zynstra, the award-winning leader in purpose-built retail edge software for retailers.

Kevin Salt

The former Seven Seas manager has returned as UK Sales Manager at with advances for retail workforce.

Andrew Byrne

Business Studies graduate from the Dublin Institute of Technology, now COO of MyPOS Europe.

Sashka Bown

NAHS Student of the Year and Customer Advisor at Barnett’s Wholefoods, Liverpool.

Ben Sillitoe

Report author of Searchlight Consulting’s study, ‘Is Technology Clouding Retailers’ Vision?’

Dele Atanda

Advocate of digital human rights and a serial entrepreneur, his newest business is ethical data-sharing MetaMe.

Paula Halliday

Head of digital delivery at Formulate Digital, a website design and development agency with an e-commerce focus.

Matt Windsor

Digital Marketing Executive at Khaos Control Solutions Ltd, provider of resource planning software for e-Commerce.

Catherine Erdly

Founder of Future Retail, a retail consultancy creating a new landscape for talented modern retailers.

Sabrina Huck

Political consultant at The Whitehouse Consultancy, advising across a range of sectors including health and food and nutrition.

Steve Hasler

Marketing consultant to independent retailers (
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