Meet Our Editors and Contributors

Better Retailing is dedicated to real advice for independent health food & lifestyle stores. A panel of expert contributors bring an abundance of talents to complement our core team of expert authors led by Better Retailing’s editor Alistair Forrest.

Alistair Forrest - Editor of Better Retailing

Alistair Forrest draws on years of experience as a journalist, editor and author, including 15 years in the natural health sector. Alistair previously edited Health Food Business magazine and is now a published author of historical fiction. His career has included daily newspaper journalism, editing magazines in the health, photographic and travel sectors, and for a decade he was principal of a Public Relations company.

Stuart Jackson - Business Editor of Better Retailing

Stuart will be remembered by many retailers from his many years writing popular articles and giving seminars on how to improve all aspects of retail business. Stuart is Managing Director of Force of Nature, a specialist consultancy which over the years has provided advice to many health food retailers in our industry. Stuart is also Chairman of Real Foods, Scotland’s largest health food retailer with over 8000 products in store and with a state of the art online business; he lives and breathes health food retailing.

Guest Writers Autumn 2018:

Cathy Capelin

Strategic Insight Director at Kantar Worldpanel.

Kathy Annunziata

Vice President, Research Service, at Kantar Health.

Gary Trickett

Health food retailer and Chair of the National Association of Health Stores.

Komal Helyer

Marketing Director at strategic technology company Pure360. Saving the High Street

Chris Labrey

MD of Econocom, a digital services organisation covering the UK & Ireland.

Adriano Mandolini

Former business owner in retail and wholesale, now Key Account Manager at SameSystem providing technology for retail.

Rosemarie Bennis

Owner of Sonas Healthfoods in Newcastle West, Co. Limerick, Ireland.

Catherine Erdly

Founder of Future Retail, a retail consultancy creating a new landscape for talented modern retailers.

Aoife O’Connell

Retail Business Consultant at supply chain specialist Zetes.

Gavin Lowther

Head of digital at Visualsoft, a digital services company including SEO, affiliate marketing, email marketing and social media.

Caz Bevan

Marketing Director at, providing online marketing solutions for small businesses.

Chenoa Geerts

Political Consultant at The Whitehouse Consultancy, supporting clients with insight and policy intelligence.

Steve Hasler

Marketing consultant to independent retailers (

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