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Better Retailing Magazine is dedicated to real advice for independent health food & lifestyle stores. A panel of expert contributors bring an abundance of talents to complement our core team of expert authors led by Better Retailing's editor Alistair Forrest.

Alistair Forrest - Editor of Better Retailing Magazine

Alistair Forrest draws on years of experience as a journalist, editor and author, including 15 years in the natural health sector. Alistair previously edited Health Food Business magazine and is now a published author of historical fiction. His career has included daily newspaper journalism, editing magazines in the health, photographic and travel sectors, and for a decade he was principal of a Public Relations company.

Letter from the editor - Spring 2020

Your business advisors in this issue - Spring 2020

Len Glenville

Partner at Best Health Food Shops in the SE on store acquisitions.
On the expansion trail

Steve Mills

Marketing consultant and founder of Croften Ltd, social media guru.
Unlocking new business

Dr Carrie Ruxton

Independent dietitian with the Health & Food Supplements Information Service.
Mood, stress, anxiety and depression

Gerald Barnes

CEO at depression treatment specialist Smart TMS.

Graham Keen

Executive Director at the Health Food Manufacturers’ Association.

Helen Browning

CEO of the Soil Association.

Kathryn Wright

CEO of special offers subscription service discountvouchers.co.uk

Natalie Berg

Retail analyst, commentator and founder of NBK Retail.
Forward thinking

Catherine Erdly

Founder of retail consultancy Future Retail.
5 reasons to have a sales plan

Bethany Ramos

Chief Editor at Naturally Healthy News, distributed by Wholesale Health.

Andrea Gutierrez-Solana Delgado

Specialist consultant at The Whitehouse Consultancy.

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