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Reasons to be cheerful

Don’t you love it when several good things happen all at once? While I was finalising this issue, my wife insisted on interrupting and eventually forced me to watch The Game Changers which was streaming on Netflix this Autumn.

Then, being very switched on with social media, she kept pointing out various celebrities and influencers who had immediately adopted a plant-based diet after watching it. And, apart from changing my own diet for the better, I thought how helpful this sort of trend must be for every health food store.

So back to the office and nose down producing BRM, where I found myself overwhelmed with facts, figures and comment about the probiotics market, especially how it’s moving away from the yoghurt concept to specialist supplementation for specific applications, even topical skincare.

Bang on the money for knowledgeable independent health store folk.

As is the CBD movement with an industry getting its act together in the interests of consumer safety and confirming a commitment to working with the regulators to make sure the product remains readily available as demand explodes.

These aspects of your business are covered in depth in this issue. But there’s so much more, especially help with your online and social media presence, addressing cash flow to increase gross margin and sales and marketing ideas to make your business fly.

Have a healthy Christmas and a prosperous New Year!

Alistair Forrest

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