Why are we doing this?

A photo of the editor, Alistair Forrest

Editor Alistair Forrest explains the thinking behind our launch of Retailing Better Online

Most businesses struggle with change while leaders embrace it.That’s as true for independent retailers as it is for the biggest multinational.

And no one can deny that we are undergoing the most monumental change anyone has seen since the War.

Last year, more than 80% of consumers were shopping online compared to 53% ten years ago (ONS 2019). That’s probably now up to nigh on 100%.

While some health stores with an online shop had to switch them off for a time when lockdown began because they couldn’t meet demand, you can be sure they’re back up and running now.

But there are still many who won’t go there. We understand that – after all it looks pretty daunting to Mr Retailer who opened his doors back in quill and parchment days.

Nimble businesses that have been able to pivot quickly to an online model are already reaping the rewards, whether it’s click & collect, communicating via social media or running a full-blown online shop.

So we’ve had our Zoom meetings and decided we should provide more practical help for those retailers who want to expand digitally while keeping those much-loved articles about running a bricks-and-mortar store.

Truth is, combining the two, if done properly, will reap the rewards you seek in the New Normal. And we aim to help you across that line.

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