How bad is the British diet?

New research by has examined how often Britons indulge in poor eating habits. The online pharmacist commissioned an independent survey among more than 2,000 UK adults and discovered:

  • 38% of people eat a ready meal at least once a week. Men (45%) were far more likely than women (33%) to do this.

  • 27% eat fast food on a weekly basis. The figure jumps to 46% among millennials (18-34 year olds).

  • 23% of UK adults – 11.9 million people – order a takeaway at least once a week, while 18% eat in a restaurant at least once every seven days.

  • Worryingly, just 26% of the UK public manage to eat five portions of fruit and veg on a daily basis; 10% said they never eat the recommended five-a-day.

When it comes to explaining why people eat so many ready meals and takeaways, the survey also revealed that 26% are too busy to cook, and 13% (6.7 million) say they actually do not know how to cook.

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