A third of Brits are looking for specialist vegan products

Research by ‘scan, pay, go’ app Ubamarket reveals the meat-free habits of UK consumers:

  • Brits spend £25 per week on vegetarian and vegan products, totalling £1.3bn a year
  • 36% of meat-eaters, representing almost 19m Brits, are buying vegetarian and vegan specialist products
  • 23% – 11.77m – are stocking up gluten-free meals despite not having any intolerance
  • 31% of Brits – 16m – are eating more vegetarian and vegan meals than ever before
  • 32% of Brits – 16.7m – are consciously trying to eat less meat, for reasons ranging from their health to the environmental impact of the agriculture industry
  • 26% of Brits said that trends like Veganuary and Sugar Awareness Week are shaping their shopping habit.

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